You Cannot Be at War With Your Body and Win with Laura Martin

Laura Martin is the founder of the Healing to Happy Brand. She is known for her unique approach to gut health and mental wellness..⁣.⁣

After  battling her way through trauma, the loss of her mum and addictions she found herself  with a surplus of health issues such as IBS, hypothyroidism, hormonal imbalances, and skin issues. On further investigation she was offered restrictive diets, medications, and a lot of “we  don’t know what’s wrong with you”. This is when she dove into nutrition to begin healing from the inside out in 2016, but that didn’t resolve  the IBS issues, so she followed up her studies by specializing in gut  health… which still didn’t solve the whole problem, so she found her  way into trauma support specialist.

It was a journey of evolution and growth.

Still,  since the creation of Healing to Happy in 2017, Laura has gone to help  hundreds of women around the globe heal their trauma, resolve their health issues, and RISE into the women they are meant to become. By  understanding that her illnesses were just symptoms and taking the proper steps in the appropriate order at the right time, Laura’s shift is a testament to her work and teachings that now serve women all around the globe!⁣

⁣Her revolutionary teachings are taking  the world by storm. With helping women reclaim their bodies and find  their way back to safety, her revitalized approach to the nervous system  world has left many intrigued and magnetized.⁣

She  celebrates her clients who relieve their IBS and find safety to heal anxiety and release trauma after years of struggling. Still, beyond that, she celebrates their lives, their newfound power, their embodiment  and confidence, their womanhood. ⁣

She will make you feel, help you evolve, and inspire you to soar. 

Laura also shares her intuition and messages she received which lead her to the amazing relationship she now has, which is a fascinating insight.

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If you want to know more about Mel Clarke, the host of The Never  Settle podcast Mel is also a Life Purpose, Relationship Coach & Reiki Healer helping people come out of chaos to find their purpose driven direction in life.

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