There Is Beauty In The Madness with My Son Jake Crook

Jake is wise beyond his 23 years and in this episode talks about his journey so far.

Jake decided to not go the usual University route, due to some disappointments,  and instead went into an online marketing full time job after college.

Always an avid interest in TV, film and music this has influenced his journey to a point. And then applying for an apprecticeship with Google, which he’d forgotten about, saw him secure 1 of 17 places against 4500 other applicants. 

As amazing as this opportunity was for him, Lockdown played a detriment in both not being able to complete living in London, and suffering like millions of others in terms of working from home and suffering with anxiety. 

However he was offered a permanent job at Google, again another rarity from the apprenticeship stance, and moved into sales rather than marketing which ultimately did not suit his skills and passions. 

He left Google after 3 years with no other job lined up, because he needed to for his own sanity. After a few months of chilling and enjoying himself he asked me about completing the Ultimate Contribution Uncovered (UCU) pathway, because he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life.

I am an accredited UCU facilitator and this pathway is fantastic for people who have lost where they are in life, or have come out of chaos which has altered their direction, and they want to live their life with a sense of purpose and have a clear vision for their life that resonates for them and their heart. 

So Jake completed the pathway and loved it. In the middle of doing this a friend of Jakes from Google asked him to help out with some work he had taken on, which has since turned into a partnership and is producing an amazing opportunity for them both. He cannot comment anymore about it at this time as its too new. 

This conversation highlights how Jake see’s and continues to learn about the world, and he highlights the power of allowing things to flow with inspired action, to make the right things happen in life.

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