There’s a World Beneath The World That We Know with Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Guy and Ilan Ferdman are brothers originally born in Israel and emigrated to America as young boys.

They discovered personal growth from a young age in a bid to be the best versions of themselves. Guys journey started with depression whereas Ilan hated feeling like a loser. Always ambitious Ilan started his own financial mortgage business in his 20’s with Guy though went bankrupt after the economic crisis of 2008.

Guy and Ilan went in different directions until 2011 when Guy found an online route to earn money through affiliate marketing and Ilan joined him. This business went onto generate 6 figures and through an event that Guy attended allowed destiny to play its part for their future. This event sowed the seeds for their own coaching business.

They hit the reset button and started all over again. Challenges aside they built their brand and business successfully.

Having spent $1 Million collectively on their own personal growth they had to acknowledge they still kept repeating old mistakes. It was through this awareness they realised there was a missing piece.

This awareness was spurred on when Guy went through severe heartbreak in 2017 and met his now wife. Their personal coach at the time introduced them to femininity as they were very masculine and the ‘wife to be’ introduced Guy to an energy worker who completely changed his life. This man introduced a level of healing to Guy that he had never experienced before.

Fast forward to ‘pandemic time’ the brothers decided to take a sabbatical for a month to rest and feel into any intuition or creativity that came up in terms of where they wanted the business wanted to grow. This is where their latest energy healing coaching vision and business was born.

So now the focus is on energy work (still with foundations of mindset work) to allow for the deep healing that humanity desperately needs. Traditional methods of therapy and mindset work simply allows the trauma and patterns to keep coming up and playing out time and time again.

They began to realise there is a world beneath the world that we know of with 5 senses. It’s multi dimensional and the human body has a multitude of energy centres and body systems.

After they both went through their own energy healing and transformation they can now track and read energy in peoples systems. This allows them to feel whats happening in other peoples energetic bodies and nervous system’s aswell as their own all the while promoting healing through co-regulation of each others nervous systems.

We all have this ability through awareness and practice and allows each individual to become aware of their own stuck and stagnant energy. This awareness within your body allows the body to naturally metabolise the stuck energy so the body can naturally and without effort release energy thats been stuck there for a lifetime or even past lifetimes.

In terms of mindset, the work tends to focus on why did mind respond in that way? And the stories that we all have around things that happened in our past. Our natural mind response might be to shut down or get angry. What we never think about is that this thing that happened when you were four, that you created a story around, is still dictating your life today as an adult. You are still responding from the child’s perspective.

The mind is a protector and not a healer. The body heals and can self regulate but our mind stops that. Allowing those protectors to be there and thanking them for all they do, then frees the body to get on and do what it is naturally great at.

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