How would the wedding guests feel if I leave my husband? 😱 

This was just one of the MANY worries and thoughts whirling around my 😔 head on a daily basis back in 2012.

Why did I care? Because we’d only been 💍 married a couple of years. 

It seems so trivial in retrospect but back then that was as guilt ridden a fear as all of my other anxieties, and I know I’m not the only woman or man to have those thoughts.

Don’t get me wrong there were a LOT of other bigger fears that kept me feeling stuck in a marriage I had realised I did not want to be in, but that one still stood out at the time.

Weddings are not cheap 💸 (usually), and certainly not for guests. The outfits, drinks cost, accommodation, hen and stag do’s and of course gifts 💎. For me at the time this was a massive deal. How selfish was I?

What would friends and family think? How wasteful I would appear to be? I would have complete disregard for the 💴 money and time they had invested in us, right?

Wrong 👎🏻.

When it comes to the crunch of having to make that decision, the family and friends that really care about you, don’t get a 💩 shit about the gifts they bought. All they care about is your happiness and making sure you’re alright. 

In my world no one mentioned the damn 🎁 gifts, why the hell would they, and it made me realise just how overly paranoid and sensitive I’d become.

If there was one geniuine thing to worry about, it’s how your husband or wife will feel when you open up and be honest with them. And if they are genuine people, they will come to understand 🙏🏻, perhaps in time, and move on with their lives too.

Don’t sit in stuckness for a thought you have that will never happen. And if you can’t move past it then find someone who can help you see through the ‘self laden guilt’ and be TRUE to who you are.

I personally had a wonderful mentor who allowed me to see things from a different perspective, stop being so hard on myself, and start putting my 💜 emotional needs first. 

That isn’t selfish, it’s necessary for every human being alive….including you!

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